Buy With Confidence


Let’s Discuss Wants vs. Needs

Jenn is a great listener and focuses on client goals, she will sit down with you to discuss mandatory needs in a property, as well as a wish list of wants that would make the property even better. 


Prepare and Make An Offer

Once we determine that your financial needs are taken care of in advance, we can get the search underway. If you need a referral to a Mortgage Specialist, Jenn will assist you in finding the perfect match. We will visit homes in person to get a feel for the properties and when you feel like you have found the one, we will make an offer. 


Subject Clauses, Inspections and Closing

Once the Seller(s) have accepted your offer, Jenn will ensure all contract obligations are taken care of. Some of these obligations could include: securing financing, obtaining a home inspection, and reading through legal documents. Jenn will oversee closing to ensure a smooth process, so that you can enjoy the transition into your new property.